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Beautiful mind that lies in human heart, how they feel, care, and appreciate nature, people and life. The concept of my art work is to realize those human beauty of sensitive hearts and emotional moments into a handcraft.

Hand painted

Real art with spirit, this is why all of my pieces are entirely hand painted. Every stroke of painting is dedicated to realize the spirit into art and fine detailed beauty.



Incorporating traditional art into modern style. Japanese culture into Western style. Every piece is designed originally, to realize the harmonization of various values, cultures, background and lifestyles.

Yuko Kikuchi Exclusive and luxurious porcelian


Yuko Kikuchi Designer, Artist

In recent years we are losing a lot of traditional factories, craft studio and craft workers which have been producing fine porcelain and materials. This is due to that nowadays massive production and printed copy pasted paintings are less expensive and therefore preferred by many people.

It is very regrettable that this traditional beautiful porcelain hand crafts seems to be shrinking all over the world.
My wish is to also somehow to contribute to sustain this beautiful handcraft. And therefore the concept and activity of my art work is also based on this.

In my part of the activity I carefully select the fine produced materials and also explain the origins to the customers. High-quality materials from all over the world which is still carefully produced. From these activities I wish that the awareness can be raised a lot more so that the every element of fine art work can be survived.

And to the respect to all those produced materials, every piece of art is produced with sensitive, delicate care and hand painting.

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